Blue Star

Season 1 (2 of 5 episodes released)

Episode 1 (09:06) (1080p Download)

Episode 2 (11:41) (1080p Download)

Season 2

Season 3


Booty Bounce

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Everyone needs a break, even one of the galaxy's most esteemed and notorious bounty hunters. Where most people relax by watching dramas, reading books, or playing games, though, Samus Aran spends her weekends at a local xeno club, where she has a regular pair of aliens stuff her little human pussy and throat with their thick alien cocks. Different strokes for different folks, right?

Samus voiced by Pawsywasy; aliens by IvanErechshun

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Phazon Experiment: A

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The first of six Phazon episodes, and the first of the Experiment trilogy, the Federation are performing clandestine research into the potential uses of the mysterious substance. Everyone's favorite bounty hunter is called in to provide assistance for an experiment testing the effects Phazon has on sexual stimulation. Why her? Widespread reports suggest her throat is at once the tightest and the most-easily-accessed hole aboard the station - perfect for testing sexual endurance.

Samus voiced by InsideIncognita; Scientist by Cougar

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A Cold Winter's Night

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A frisky sorceress with a fetish for the danger of getting caught, Triss teases Geralt by wearing Ciri's clothes and guilting him into giving her his Witcher's Sword - all while Ciri herself sleeps in the very same bed. She is asleep, right?

Triss voiced by Milly; Geralt by IvanErechshun

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Breed Your Queen

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A non-canon foray into the original Fallen Throne universe I am creating, Nualia shows us all that sometimes being queen is just too much work. All of that ruling can be tiring. Sometimes, a woman just needs a strong human fuck-slave to pound her pussy. And sometimes, a woman wants her fuck-slave to put a baby in her belly. You know, just girly things.

Nualia voiced by Andrastae

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Phazon Addendum: A

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The second entry in the Phazon series, and the first of the Addendum trilogy, esteemed bounty hunter Samus Aran is once again in the company of the Phazon scientist. This time, though, she came to him, specifically requesting something to help her control her nymphomania. The solution he comes up with? A sex-machine equipped with a 12-inch dildo. Far from satisfying the powerful young woman's sexual needs, though, it only serves to get her hot and bothered.

Samus voiced by InsideIncognita; Scientist by Cougar

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Miscellaneous Expenses

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Detective Tina Armstrong has a reputation: fast, reliable, and prone for making deals involving her sizeable up-front assets. Featuring the first fully-animated external cumshot I've done, this borderline avant-garde Western-noire short takes the tropes of both genres to heart, while still putting focus on what's important in a pornographic production, and at the same time setting up a future series.

Tina voiced by InsideIncognita; Client by VoicesByNixon

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Alternative Advertising

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Marie is a decidedly unsuccessful Twitch streamer. She doesn't like being an unsuccessful Twitch streamer. After seeing the literal millions of views various women have received on Pornhub for choking down large dildos, she gets an idea: she regularly chokes down her own 18-inch toy whenever she plays with herself (which is often) anyways, so why not put that to good use? Enter a new era of Twitch advertising: Pornhub redirects!

Marie voiced by VoiceLikeCandy

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Radio Silence

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A few short years after Raccoon City, Jill and Chris are called in to investigate a remote mansion deep in the mountains , following reports that match the M.O. of Umbrella Corp. While Chris sifts through dusty paperwork, Jill finds something growing out of the wall that's definitely not natural. Violent, though? Not the word she'd use to describe it.

Jill voiced by SilkyMilk; Chris by Ivan E. Recshun

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Honeydrop Interrogation

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After traditional interrogation techniques fail to extract information from a captured spy, Spymaster Leliana decides to coerce the agent into speaking using… unconventional methods.

Leliana voiced by Milly Stern; Orin and Prisoner voiced by Ivan E. Recshun

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Down the Rabbit.Hole - Episode 1

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Young Overwatch Hero Hana "D.Va" Song - whose accomplishments include being a world-famous web streamer, an ex-professional StarCraft e-sports gamer, an esteemed MEKA pilot, and even a movie star - sets out to begin her 30-day tour all across the United States. But while killing time before the tour officially begins, she stumbles upon a mobile game that rewards sexual deeds with randomized goodies for her digital persona. At first, she pays it no mind, but after she blows off steam during a restless night, she returns her attentions to it. Will she find herself falling down this rabbit-hole of depravity and debauchery?

D.Va voiced by SilkyMilk

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Fair Market Value

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Deep in the heart of this city rests a popular fetish club that wears its kink like a badge of pride. Here, eager young women with equal ambitions to entertain and to serve their biological function of procreating freely offer their wombs in a public auction. It’s a busy evening for Elizabeth, one of the club’s most popular performers. With the kind of show she puts on, it’s not difficult to see why. The only real question is, what is the fair market value for tonight’s performance?

Elizabeth voiced by InsideIncognita; audience members by Checkov

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