Aardvark's Den

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Feature-length journeys through sexuality, short forays into sexual ecstasy, tumultuous series of sexual mystique - all fully voiced, acutely written, precisely directed, and completely and utterly filthy. Unzip your pants or pull down your skirt, and allow yourself to be both entertained and aroused.

Kick back, relax, and enjoy the fucking


Sometimes a woman gets an itch that humans, monsters, aliens, or tentacles just can't scratch. Sometimes a woman needs a lover that's more feral, an ultimate demonstration of masculine strength, power, and intensity. Sometimes a woman just feels the need to be put in her place and fucked senseless, like the filthy animal she is. And sometimes, sometimes, a woman just needs a lover who will always be there for her, no questions asked, no judgments passed. Whatever your reason, be it feeling that need yourself or craving others with that need, I know how to scratch that itch.

Open your mind, let down your conceptions of morality, and enter the beast.

Desktop Dancer

Videos are great and all, but they just demand so much attention. Sometimes you just need something more low-key, an idle distraction you can just let play in the corner of the screen as you work, something you can sit back and enjoy for a minute at a time, without the hassle of hunting down videos and prepping the video-player. We've got you covered.

Come and let beautiful women use your destop as a personal stage

Fallen Throne

Sometimes you need something a bit more original, than creative parodies of established franchises. Something with a universe where the sex and pornography are explicitly built in, rather than something that has to be shoehorned. Or maybe you just like sexy Dark Elves with big bouncy tits. Whatever your reason, Fallen Throne just might be the universe for you.

Come indulge in the sexual empire of Vael'Aser


Animations may be what I am most well-known for among the general masses, but among the technical field, my far larger contribution to the scene are a wide array of high-quality models. Maybe you're a veteran of the SFM scene, someone only getting into it, or someone whose just curious to play around with the program. Regardless, I have the assets you need. If you can't find it on SFMLab, or you're looking for model sources, then you can find them here.

Acquire some model assets for your own endeavors