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September 19, 2021

Is there any way to get Elizabeth's body morph for Daz3d?Ive been trying to convert it or recreate it to no avail.


Not in its entirety. She uses a few custom morphs I made that aren't available for Daz.


September 18, 2021

Hello! Just don't a quick question and it's about the D.Va series. When can we expect episode 4?


Sometime between yesterday and the heat death of the universe.


September 15, 2021

Hello! I have recently downloaded the six DOA DazV5 models. Are you going to release the DazV5 models for the other characters, or is there a place where I can find them? As of now, I have downloaded the DazV4 models, and I want to use the outfits exclusive to DazV5.


The public DazV5 prototype is deprecated. I have an entirely new version in development. Like versions before it, there is no backward compatibility.

There is also no ETA. I am playing this one close to the vest, and taking my time on it. Don't want to find myself in the same pitfalls the DazV4 and DazV5 Prototype 3* releases had.

*The new in-progress versions are DazV5-5 Prototype 4.


September 15, 2021

Hello L.A. I wonder how you would do a EDI model, without having headache because of textures and stuff, how would it look like? Would you use DAZ body or prefer in Game Model? Would it have genitals? Special Flexes only she has? This question is just for fun, but not about what´s technically possible ;)


I wouldn't. It would be a Daz model. The textures would be a nightmare.

There's a reason it hasn't been done yet.


September 13, 2021

I've seen a lot of your tutorial videos. Very enlightening. Could you elaborate a bit more on your workflow? Are you shaping your models in Daz and/or Blender? Is all your animating done in SFM? Are you also creating the scene/background/map from scratch? Further more: do you think you would ever create animations with scrotum-less models? (I really admire the works of Galaxy Pink.) Cheers, Martin von Doom


Sure. 3dsMax. Yes. "From scratch" in the sense of pulling assets together and using them to build a scene, not in the sense of meshing and texturing the assets from nothing. No. Cheers.


September 10, 2021

Your blog post made it sound like Blue Star Episode 4 was next up to be worked on after Rachaos was finished. But, with Rachaos cancelled/delayed, where does that leave Blue Star? Is that what is being worked on now or are you working on something else?


Blue Star Episode 4 comes after Overbreed Episode 1. See my pinned Tweet thread: https://twitter.com/LordAardvark/status/1420135929063251968?s=20

There is a non-zero probability I will make a smaller project in between them. With any luck, Blue Star Episode 4 will begin production sometime next year. Early, late, I can't say. But hopefully next year.

I also have some ancillary Blue Star content in the workshop. Nothing to share yet, nothing to promise. But there's big blue booty currently on the anvil.


September 1, 2021

Do you find it even more difficult than ever to get your video projects finished due to the Covid 19 fiasco?


Only as it impacts the schedules of my voice talent and editor.

Since my work is entirely web-based, it's been very minimally impacted. Only one of the endless list of ways I am extremely privileged and fortunate to make the living the way I do.


August 29, 2021

What are the chances of getting a .dmx session for that harley jack'otwerk for... expanding ones assets and knowhow of sfm animation? (or the fact that those jigglebones are on point and I have no clue how to animate them that well for my own devices)



Made a Tweet with the link. Find the Tweet here: https://twitter.com/LordAardvark/status/1432149737923244035?s=20

And here's a direct link to the file. It's fully self-contained. https://files.lordaardvark.com/Assets/Projects/Harley_Jacko_SessionFile.7z


August 24, 2021

How difficult would it be to port your Chaos model into Blender, and can you point me in the right direction of some tutorials or other guides to do so?


Pretty straightforward, I'd imagine.

As to getting started there, you have two routes: the classic decompilation route, or the newfangled direct-import route.

For classic decompilation, you'll want to look into how to set up Crowbar and use it to decompile the model, and then use the Blender Source Tools to import the decompiled mesh into Blender.

For the newfangled direct-import, there is a Blender tool that can supposedly directly import the model straight into Blender, with all the bells and whistles that you'd otherwise have to assemble yourself via the decompilation route. I've never used the latter, so I can't speak for its efficacy.

Either way, once you've got the model into Blender, you're outside my wheelhouse and I am entrusting you to the plethora of general Blender use guides that exist on the Internet.


August 23, 2021

Hello, how long does it take for a vote to end?


Assuming you are referring to models, the vote ends when the Wheel is spun. The general way it goes is as such:

1.) On a Wednesday modeling stream, the Wheel is spun, and a model is chosen.

2.) That model is removed from the Wheel, and is put in a temporary buffer zone - if the model gets finished in 3 weeks, then it gets placed in the "finished models" pile; otherwise, it gets placed back onto the wheel under the "models to finish" section.

3.) The vote is ended. The submission with the most votes is added to the Wheel. All votes are reset to zero, and the long-time losers of the vote are purged to keep the list reasonable. All pending models are added for the next vote, and the next vote is started.

4.) The model is built over the next 3 streams. Either 3 streams pass and the model is released in its unfinished state, or the model is finished and released.

5.) Return to step 1, and begin the cycle again.

The Wheel is always spun on a stream. Usually at the beginning of a stream, but sometimes it's spun mid-way through a stream or even at the tail end of a stream. Regardless, though, a model is always given 3 streams to be built as much as it can be.

Note that everything is measured in streams, and not weeks. Weeks where I, for whatever reason, cancel the modeling stream do not count. It's 3 streams, not 3 weeks. They are often the same, but not always.