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February 26, 2020

Is there any Lesbian challenges on the Fuck Buddies app? Would like to see D.Va with another woman is why I'm asking. Thanks.


Not as of now, mostly because that requires sourcing a female head in the Overwatch aesthetic.

That being said, I have since designed the Receptionist, whom I think fits the aesthetic rather well. Will need to see what people think of her in general, but it may be possible that I can end up building another female character for a later episode. I just need to be careful not to burn through the few good female heads I have available too fast.


February 21, 2020

hello master . Excuse me . i cant compile dazv5 characters qc file . but your other models have not problem . error : ERROR: c:\users\ali\desktop\2\tina_dazv5.qc(294): - unknown controller pussy ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'LordAardvark/SFM/DeadOrAlive/Fantasy/Tina_Dazv5.mdl'


You shouldn't be compiling them. You don't have the source. Please wait for the source. You decompile at your own risk, I don't support the practice. Which means, figure it out yourself, or wait for the proper source.


February 20, 2020

Dude you need to slow the fuck down. Stop with all these new projects you keep piling up. This is coming from the recent Surro Slut cancellation, though I don’t care about it, it’s mostly how you keep canceling and pushing back all these projects. I’ve been following you for a very long time and I’ve seen how far this has been going on. You had Hiveship to be released back in 2016. Fucking 4 years ago and still no progress. Fallen Throne going through changes for the past few years, Blue Star


I like how your only examples are all long-term projects which I have explicitly addressed. There are no "new projects being piled on." This is all part of the plan, and has been from the beginning.

Would you, personally, support me while I sit in complete silence for 2 or 3 years working on a film project? Do you think my other 600 patrons, of whom 50% (75% if you want to count progress reports) subscribe explicitly for the regular Short video releases, would support me while I sit in complete silence for 2 or 3 years working on a film project?

The simple fact of the matter is that if I am going to get any projects done, then I have to do smaller projects to fund the larger projects. This has always been the plan from the very beginning. That is the primary purpose of the Shorts: to fund the Longs.

The reason why Hiveship hasn't made any progress in 2019 is because I misprojected my schedule. And it is why 2020 has had its schedule adjusted. When Shorts take 6 weeks to complete, 4 weeks scheduled isn't enough for them. 8 weeks should be enough. I say should because we won't really know until April 30 comes around and Rabbit.Hole Episode 3 is done and dusted.

Hiveship is absolutely scheduled to be worked on. Fallen Throne I have addressed as being intentionally shelved because it's simply too big for me to address right now - I am only one person, and between Longs (films) and the aforementioned Shorts to fund them, I simply don't have the time. And Blue Star is a Long, same as Hiveship. You saw how long Blue Star Episode 3 is - at nearly 30 minutes, it safely counts as a Long, and that is the length I intend future episodes to be as well. And you saw how much people bitched about how it took me 2 years to make - and that was with putting out Shorts to keep people sated! Imagine how many people would bitch if I took that long and released nothing in the meantime.

I understand your concern, but it's frankly baseless. Surrosluts was not canceled for scheduling reasons. It was canceled for writing reasons. It was written as a throwaway project, and then it evolved into a much bigger and more interesting project - but with the audio already recorded, it had a painful contrast between a serious project with throwaway writing. It's an idea I want to do justice to now, and the writing did not do that. I could have rewritten it and gotten the 25 minutes of collective audio rerecorded for it, but that would have thrown my schedule off - and then, you my good friend, would bitch about how I need to take on new projects and actually release things, rather than spend months chasing an idea that was thrown off-kilter.

Thanks for writing in.


February 19, 2020

Is the Dazv4 DOAFantasy scientist outfit meant for Lisa being held off for the conversion to Dazv5?


Not intentionally, but that's kind of what has ended up happening.

Though I might end up just remaking the Scientist outfit. Really depends on how I feel about it if I can ever muster the will-power to open it up again.


February 17, 2020

hello . The version of QUEEN NUALIA in this video https://fr.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph5d44afc07303e was created by you ? or or the filmmaker has edited it like that ? If this video version is made by you , can you give me her 3d model ? And you did not do more about queen nualia ? I really like it Queen Nualia ! Sorry because i didn't speak English well . thanks


That is the very first, and very old, original version.

I did a handful of things, before putting Fallen Throne (the universe to which Nualia belongs) on hold as my plans escalated beyond my schedule. I intend to do more with her and it, I just don't know when.

When SFMLab's login freeze unlocks, you can find her there.


February 16, 2020

hello . in your videos clothes are with jigglebones . but why in source filmmaker are not with jigglebones ? please guide me .


The clothes themselves don't have jigglebones. The models they're attached to do. And the Procedural Bones have to be backed in order for the clothes to correctly attach to them - otherwise the clips just ignore the jigglebones and clip right through. Right-click your model in the Animation Set Editor, and go Utilities -> Bake Procedural Bones. Note you need as high of framerate as possible (so before baking, turn off lighting, progressive refinement, and ambient occlusion), and a fresh restart of SFM, in order to bake jigglebones correctly.


February 14, 2020

Can you say learning curve. I've seen you do pose resets. Entire figure or just hands. Is there a script or how do you do it? Also, How is the cock attached for futa. Female model Pelvis and cocks unknown pelvis then zero and adjust? Still learning and just want a few pointers. Awesome work BTW. Its like second nature for you. Keep up the good works.


For pose resets, applying the Default preset or just copying samples from a unposed copy of the model.

For any sort of in-SFM model kit-bashing, like what you're describing for futa, yeah. You basically just slam them in and hope for the best.

And thank you.


February 11, 2020

Do you still have the NSFW True Midna form model for SFM ?


I never had a NSFW True Midna Form model.


February 9, 2020

When does animation start for RHE3? Thanks.


Rabbit.Hole Episode 3 is currently in preproduction. Production formally begins March 1, with a scheduled release for April 30.


February 7, 2020

I submitted Anna from Frozen to be voted on for DazV5 and included just some random picture and it got rejected because it had no model. Are you not rebuilding existing v4 models using the mesh you already have? Or do you want a newer, better mesh? I've been trying to find her KH3 model but it seems to be still locked away for now.


You need to provide actual model links. Like this: https://www.deviantart.com/sticklove/art/Elsa-812324670

If you can't find a link to download a model, then I can't make it. It's as simple as that.