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October 3, 2020

Hi Aardvark, I'm curious about why do you use two different main bodies, DAZv5, and DOA Fantasy. Wouldn't it be better to have just one body with two flexes, "DOAv5" and "DOAFantasy", to adapt it to the two different body shapes? Doing that, and adding these two flexes to the costumes, all costumes would be 100% compatible for all characters, and you would have to develop and maintain just one body and not two, right? Just thinking about that, even though I suppose that if you don't do that is for a reason.


DazV5 is a technical standard. It refers to the technology behind the models - rigging, topology, materials, and baseline Bodymorph flexes that are standard among all my newest models.

DOAFantasy is a specific model type. It is simply one of two body-types, alongside the Curvy type, that is shared between multiple models.

DOAFantasy (DazV5 Prototype 3) is, as the full name suggests, built on the DazV5 standard. Same as the Curvy DazV5 body.

As to your point regarding morphs, it's a nice idea in theory, but in practice it isn't feasible for two main reasons:

Reason 1 is retroupgrading. Let's say I build a model for a very slim character, like Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. She has morphs to take on the shape of all other DazV5 characters made to that point. Great. But now, a month later, I make a model for a bulky character, say Zarya from Overwatch. She has morphs to take on the shape of all other DazV5 characters made to that point, too, including Juliet. Great.

But what about Juliet? If she is going to have morphs for all DazV5 characters, then that means I have to go back and retroactively upgrading (EG "retroupgrade") Juliet to add the Zarya morph. Which then means I have to reupload the newest version, release it, and notify everyone that an update is available. And that's not to say that adding new morphs to models will break any project files they're currently being used in. And then how about all of the models made before Juliet? I have to update all of them too. And then I do this for every new model I release? I have over 11 pages worth of model releases on SFMLab, and that's with the last dozen or so models not even released onto SFMLab because I can't be bothered writing up proper release posts for them. I'd quickly reach a point where I spend longer upgrading all of the previous models every time a new model is released, than I spend actually making the new models.

Reason 2 is paltry in comparison, but that is the fact that Source only supports 128 total morphs. On the standard DazV5 set, I have only about 20 free morphs available. Considering that each character has 2 shapes - cleavage-breasts and bare-breasts - that means only 10 character shapes can be added retroactively. So even if I was willing to go through the hell I described above, it'd be for naught - only the first 10 models could be retroactively supported anyways.

It's a good idea in theory, and is actually one I am incorporating into DOAFantasy DazV5 Prototype 3, where all of the canon Dead or Alive body-types are built into the DOAFantasy models as shapes. But the reality is that it is a proper nightmare to maintain, and I am already running into severe problems with the outfit end of things for DOAFantasy, due to just how disparate the bodies are. Getting an outfit to maintain proper shape and rigging for both DOAFantasy's giant tits, and Marie's tiny tits, is not a trivial task.


October 1, 2020

Any project that has DOA Fantasy in the pipeline? Full project or side project?


Next video after Liziverse  ;)

And, of course, the on-stream Marie/Helena project.


September 29, 2020

This may be an odd question, but is there a reason why you still use Source Filmmaker? I don't mean to imply that SFM is bad or inferior; I like it, and it's easy to use for someone like me who just messes around with 3D posing and animation. However, it seems like a lot of creators who do work similar to yours have switched over to Blender (or some other 3D animation program). The impression I got was that with something like Blender, while being harder to learn and use than SFM, allows you to do a lot more than you can do in SFM and is a lot more stable. Do you stick with SFM because you're used to it, or is there another reason?


I've yet to find a convincing argument for throwing away over half a decade's worth of work in the form of asset and tool creation.

Once Pragma is ready, I am jumping ship over to it as soon as I can. It is being explicitly designed with native compatibility with SFM assets. Virtually nil cost in switching over to it.


September 27, 2020

Will Feron make an appearance in the Blue Star series?


Seeing as I had to look up who that is, no.


September 26, 2020

Hello. I was just wondering on two things. 1) When do you reckon Liara will get updated to the Daz5? 2) Any upcoming models that will have a muscle flex similar to the one Cassie Cage? Thanks!


1.) When I need her.

2.) The DOAFantasy DazV5 Prototype 3 has muscle-tone flexes. That's the closest thing to that.


September 22, 2020

I don't know how animating with this software works, but, is there any reason as to why your projects take so long to be finished, like when (and I might be remembering things incorrectly) you said that certain animations won't be out until a year or so later?


For those projects, it's because they're long (Hiveship is expected to be over an hour in length) and because I have other projects to do first (I want to get Hiveship done before working on Blue Star Episode 4).

Animating is a slow process, because everything is done by hand, and I am the only one working on these projects. By necessity they're single-tract. Which means schedules get very elongated.


September 17, 2020

No hard feelings... But how do you deal with stolen paid/exclusive reward content on the internet ?


By ignoring it and moving on with my life. I've more important things to worry about.


September 15, 2020

This might be a weird question, but... have you ever thought of doing animations with lactation?


Ain't my thing.


September 14, 2020

Is there a reason why Sonya is no longer on the voting list? I also swear there was someone else as well but can’t remember. Do you take some of them off?


As per the "What Is It" section on the voting page, footnote 3:

[3] The exact algorithm for culling is that any model who has been submitted for at least 3 voting cycles and received less than 50% of the winning model's votes is automatically removed from the database. This is to keep the voting system clean from clutter of models that no one other than the submitter cares about. Only the popular models that people want stay in the system, so that eventually they can all (theoretically) get a spot on the Wheel and have a fair shot at getting made.

Sonya et all failed to meet this threshold, and so were automatically removed from the system. Anyone can feel free to resubmit them at any time.


September 9, 2020

Will Hiveship be cancelled because of Nintendo DMCA?



It was 99.5% original content anyways, down to the fact that Ordagon and I designed a literal entire roster of unique aliens for it.

It will simply be moved to an original IP, same as the remaining entries in the Phazon hexalogy, which similarly was predominantly original content.