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This page is dedicated to two different forms of assets: SFM Outfits and Model Source Files.

SFM Outfits

SFM Outfits are outfits for SFM models, compiled and released separately. Some of these outfits are included in existing model releases, or are released as outfit packs on SFMLab. Some are only released on this assets page.

However, regardless of their alternate releases, these outfits are all released separately, meaning that no other models are downloaded with them. If, for example, you only want Rachel's Huntress outfit, but don't want Rachel herself, then you can download only the Huntress outfit from this page.

The Outfits on this page are separated by body template, such as Curvy or DOAFantasy. Then, if there are any unique models who have had alternate outfits made, then they will be listed underneath the templates.

Click on the outfit's image to download it

Model Source Files

Model source files (or "Model Src") are not for use in the SFM, but are rather for modellers who would like to work with or look at my model files in some way. These include body sources and outfit sources. The files included are: all items used in compiling (qc, qci, and smds); the latest running .max 2011 file; a quick-converted FBX (that I do no guarantee to have work correctly in Blender). Textures are not included, and there is no guarantee that the files will work for you. All source files are provided as-is.

SFM Outfits


Outfit Loader Data

Last Updated: August 21, 2017
The Outfit Loader data for the DOAFantasy girls. If you have downloaded them out of release order, you may not have the most up-to-date Outfit Loader data. Download and install this ensure you are up to date.


Comes with black & white outfit, normal and mini bra, and 6 colors of leggings & glow-in-the-dark bangles: white, pink, black, green, gold, and red.


Rachel's default outfit


Lisa's default outfit

Sci-fi Assassin

Christie's default outfit


Comes with bra, braless, exposed, bare; full-length skirt, mini-skirt, hitched skirt; ankle and arm bracelets; high-heel shoes. Collar and fishnets in previews not included; come from stripper outfit

Nyotengu's Outfit

Nyotengu's default outfit


Ayane's default outfit. Comes with a white skingroup, to be recolored in SFM with material overrides.

Suit & Lingerie

Suit with lots of variant ways to tease breasts, and port of Curvy Elizabeth's lingerie. Highly recommend to use Outfit Loader to load both. Includes Outfit Loader files for every girl and every outfit released as of August 7, 2017.


Tina's default outfit.

Armored Ninja

Kasumi's default outfit.

Sexy Ninja

Momiji's default outfit.

Noble Dress

Helena's default outfit.


A sexy, tight racing-themed outfit, with gratuitous cleavage. Has bodygroups to expose the breasts, bra togglable. No pussy/ass access. Comes in 8 colors and 2 materials: cloth and latex.


Custom outfit for Miya, the "Big Titty Goth Girl" original character.


Tina's outfit, as worn in the short Miscellaneous Expenses. No bodygroups.


An unfinished an abandoned sexy pirate outfit.

Mila's Casual Outfit

Mila's default outfit.


Paichan's default outfit.


Soul Calibur IV's Ivy Valentine outfit & makeup for Rachel. Has experimental (RE: not working correctly) bodymorph capability for genital access, and bodymorph support for pregnant flexes. No other bodymorph support. Don't ask me to add it, because I won't.

v1.0.1 - Fixed missing materials.


Hitomi's default outfit. This version has a colorable skingroup (skin 1). Apply $color2 as a material override to the relevant materials, and it will only color the correct bits. Allows you to give every DOAFantasy girl their own uniquely-colored outfit.

Sexy Cop

Lei Fang's default outfit. The knot on her top is rigged to its own bone, and will need to be animated manually to match the jiggle of her breasts. Her gear is also rigged independently. I highly recommend using a custom pistol model, if you intend to animate her drawing. The one in the holster is low-resolution, and not rigged as a consequence.


Vault Suit

Comes with full, small-cleavage, large-cleavage, huge-cleavage, bursting, exposed, unzipped, cut, and torn shirt; full, naughty, working, cut, and torn pants; and boots


Comes with full and pulled bra; full and pulled panties; armgloves; garter; stockings; stocking belts; and bodymorph-friendly versions. Comes with various skins. Note that bodymorph-friendly versions are required to access all skins.


Comes with full and pulled top; full, mini, and hitched skirt; a few togglable doodads. Skirt, bell, and glove tassels are rigged, and require to be hit with Default after attachment.


Comes with various breast & hip bodygroups. Requires corset_pinch to be applied to about 50%.


Comes with full and pulled shirt; togglable straps; light and dark skins.


No variants.


Comes with full, cleavage, unzipped, and exposed shirt; full, butt-frame, and pulled pants.

Bikini 4-Pack

Comes with 4 different bikinis.


Handful of different shirt cuts / poses, pants can be pulled to various levels or cut / torn. Jacket and shirt are independently bodygrouped.

Lace Armgloves

Requires the lingerie listed above. A pair of lace armgloves. Comes with Outfit Loader data for a white-lingerie torn outfit. Has black and white skingroups.


Comes with two armglove/legging configurations: latex & thigh-highs / armbelts & legbelts. Comes with Outfit Loader data for the 2 configurations shown.


Modelled from scratch by Ordagon. Was made for the scrapped Lulu project I had planned. Has bones for the bottom of the skirt.


Custom Thalmor robes from Skyrim. Made for the scrapped Lulu project I had planned. Has bones for the dress.


A latex skirt with the ass cut out, for spanking, munching, face-sitting, and general booty worship. Image includes Merchandise outfit above. Comes with red, black, and colorable white skins.


A sexy pizza-delivery-girl outfit, complete with tanktop and booty-shorts. It looks like she forgot the sausage for the pizza - if only there were someone around to provide their own sausage for her.

Lingerie #6

The first of 52 to-be-ported-eventually lingerie outfits, voted by the generic public to be the most popular. Comes in 3 separate models. Main body has 15 skingroups, stockings have 3. Main body has flexes for penetration. Breasts are not exposable. Requires the lace gloves above.

1.0.1 - Fixed missing materials for 2 of the stocking skingroups.


Sexy skintight catsuit. Lots of bodygroups for cleavage and access.

Generic Male


Comes with full, exposed, and pantless variants; 6 skins; originally from the Bastards pack. I cannot find a link to it unfortunately. Rebecca not included.

Model Src


Comes with full SMD/VTA/QCi/QC treatment for compiling. Includes raw .max file, and exported .fbx for non-Max users to attempt to use. Includes full textures. Does not include raw texture files (such as PSDs), nor does it contain full Daz morphers.

Download Update 1


Comes with .max file and .fbx. Includes textures. Includes relevant qc/qci/vta for jigglebones and body flexes. Is not compilable in raw form.

UPDATE Oct 20, 2017: Included template QC that was missing.

Curvy Elizabeth

Comes with .max and .fbx. Includes textures. Includes all relevant files for compiling. Use this Blender FBX importer for working with Blender.

Classic Harley

Comes with .max and .fbx. Does NOT include textures. Includes all relevant files for compiling. Use this Blender FBX importer for working with Blender.


Comes with .max and .fbx. Does NOT include textures. Includes all relevant files for compiling. Use this Blender FBX importer for working with Blender.



Script Dump 2018

A collection of tools I’ve written over the years for 3dsMax. Read the included readme, but the long and short of it is this: here there be dragons.

I’m not responsible for anything happening to your computer if you use these tools, I don’t support them in any way, and I don’t guarantee they work at all for you.