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Desktop Dancer is a simple program I wrote to fulfill a simple purpose: playing transparent animations of sexy ladies flaunting their stuff.

The creation of an entirely new program was not the original plan, but was the result of frustration: frustration that most desktop dancing programs I found were virus-ridden, locked down, low-quality, and/or unreliable.

Unable to find a pre-made solution, I elected to create my own. And without any guides on how to create such a program, I designed it entirely by myself, fumbling through various roadblocks to get it where it is today.

Desktop Dancer is written in C#, using .NET. It has only been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10. It has a small footprint, with most of the filesize being in the animation assets themselves.

While the program was written with strip-teases and dancing animations in mind, the program is incredibly open to developers, meaning that any kind of animations could be played with it. As such, naming the program "Desktop Dancer" is technically a misnomer - it's more accurately a "Desktop Animation Player". But that's not nearly as sexy of a title. Plus, the included animations are both raunchy dances.


Requirements: An operating system capable of using .NET 4.0, and robustly supports WinForms. Windows 7 and Windows 10 have been tested to work correctly. Any other operating system has no guarantees.

Notes: This program is not robustly developed. It has very little error-checking, and can be unstable. So long as you operate it as advised, it should be safe to use - the worst that might happen is the program messing up, crashing, or leaking memory and requiring a simple restart to fix. The program is safe to use as intended, but regardless, you agree to use it at your own risk. I'm not liable if you somehow manage to cause a Chinese weather satellite to crash down over the Congo as a result of using this program.


Official Animations (by LordAardvark)

  1. Rebecca Chambers Stripper - Slow Dance (Included in download)
  2. Rebecca Chambers Stripper - Energetic Dance (Included in download)
  3. Rebecca Chambers Stripper - Ass Flaunt (5.3MB) [Preview 1.97MB GIF] (Link updated Jan 4 2017)
  4. (Oct 25 2016) Corset Elizabeth - Butt Bounce 1 (10.7MB) [Preview 1.64MB]

Third-Party Animations

How to Use

  1. Right-click the image for options, settings, and controls.
  2. Left-click and drag the image to move it around on the screen.
  3. scroll the mouse-wheel to make the image larger or smaller.
  4. Huld down Ctrl and scroll the mouse-wheel to make the image more or less transparent.
  5. Double-click the image to close the program.

To create a new image sequence, simply use the UI and point it to a folder containing the images for the sequence. Image super-sequences are sequences of image sequences that are played in a random order, and can also be created using the UI.

Click here to watch a video on using the program.

How to Create Animations for Desktop Dancer

Desktop Dancer is designed to be incredibly simple to create content for! Here is a simple break-down of how to make an animation compatible with the program.


  1. Set your camera's bloomScale to 0.
  2. Set your movie's Motion Blur samples to Use Camera Settings.
  3. Set your movie's Shutter Speed Override to 0.00.
  4. Have a full-bright solid-colored backdrop to your animation. I personally recommended a dark-blue screen.
  5. Render your movie as a PNG image sequence.

In Post-Processing:

  1. Import your image sequence and set its framerate appropriately.
  2. Apply a chroma-key (such as KeyLight) to your image sequence.
  3. Export your image sequence as a PNG image sequence with alpha.

After Export:

  1. Use PNGnq-s9 to compress your images, using the following command in the command-line: pngnq-s9.exe -d [OUTPUT FOLDER] [INPUT FOLDER]\*.png
  2. Load up Desktop Dancer and create a new image sequence with your newly-compressed PNGs.
  3. You're done!

Want to submit an animation?

Send an email to [email protected] with a email header in the following format: "Desktop Dancer Animation - [Character name]" and attach or link both the final image sequence and a .webm or gfycat of the dance animation (so I can easily see what the animation is). Include the name you'd like to be credited with, and I will let you know if and when I add your animation to the official site!

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