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May 27, 2019

Are there any other DOA ladies that you'd love to make some videos with? (I.e.: Classic ones like Christie and Helena or newcomers like Nyotengu, NiCO or the Venus Vacation ladies)


My Discord and I have been slowly working out a project that would involve all 14 DOAFantasy ladies. With any luck, I'd like to start getting it into production in 2020, if not earlier.

Of course, that'd mean we'd have to figure out exactly how that production would manifest... Especially since it's a large project (a series, to be precise), and I'm not going to push it into the Long/Short cycle. Which means I'll need to find time to make it... Right now, a long-term stream project is the best bet, but I don't want it to dominate the stream, which means it'd be on a cycle. Even if it were a 2:1 on:off cycle (2 streams working on it, then 1 stream working on something else), that'd only be 4 days of working it every 2 months...

It's a logistical nightmare that we're still trying to figure out.