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May 27, 2019

Is there any reason why you use the Sarah Bryant-based Samus model as opposed to "regular" Samus models, like from Smash or Other M? Not saying that the one you use is bad, far, FAR from it, just askin'.


I don't like the Other M Samus' face model. The geometry is low-poly and hard to build high-fidelity flexes for, and I'm just not a fan of the shape. The Smash version is too cartoony for what I have in mind.

Those are the only reasons why I didn't use those. As to why I picked Sarah, she was one of a handful of the DOA ladies I felt best captured the idea of Samus Aran as a character. I had it boiled down to either her or Tina Armstrong. I finally picked her because I made the judgment call that no one gives a shit about Sarah Bryant. I never heard of her before I found her model on XNALara, whereas Tina is far more popular and well-known.

My judgment call was slightly off, seeing as my "usurping" Sarah Bryant into being Samus Aran has gotten the entirety of the Sarah Bryant fan-club in a tizzy. All three of them.

But I still think she's the best choice, given the alternatives.