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August 27, 2022

How close are we to any release? Mini vid or feature


Overbreed Episode 0 (7.5 minutes) is done and ready for release, sans audio.

The audio is almost done, except my sound designer caught covid and is currently recovering from it. He's on the mend, can actually stay awake for more than an hour at a time, but he's still got a few days of recovery before he's in a position I'm comfortable having him work on finishing up the sound.

Beyond OBE0, I am almost done transcribing the Claire/Jill on-stream video (22.5 minutes). Once it is transcribed, I can get the voicework recorded for it. Then we'd only be a few weeks out of lip-sync and polish to get that monstrosity released.

Technically the Frozen video (20+ minutes, probably around 30-35 minutes when it's done) is quickly approaching the point it's ready for voicing, but I am temporarily putting a freeze on it (heh, pun) due to technical issues with the scene making it impractical to render. And by impractical, I mean I did napkin math and it'd take nearly a month of constant 24/7 rendering to put out, closer to 2 months of realistic rendering. Which is, uhh, not viable. So I need to figure out what's causing the massive render times and how to bring them down to something reasonable.

October will see the next minivid. Overbreed Episode 0 was meant to be August's "minivid" release, but we missed that deadline. Shit happens.