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September 8, 2022

when are you going to fucking release overbreed? still waiting the shitty episode 0 because it's seems you need 1 month for the fucking sound. and all that for the fucking episode 0. so the real thing, if it will ever come out, will be ready for 2050 or so


When it's ready.

The sound design delays are unfortunate, between my designer getting covid and being bedridden for a week and then deciding to finally pull the trigger and compose an original soundtrack for it.

And all of the curveballs that learning a new flavor of composing comes with. Namely the fact that soundtracks can't just flow freely like a traditional composition, but has strict timing requirements as it has to match the mood and action of the video it's tracking. There's been a lot of tweaking and scrapping compositions as he gets a handle on how to strictly control the pacing of his compositions, something he's not used to doing in traditional composition.

And 2050? I wish I shared your optimism!