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September 9, 2022

I’m still learning, so I have some dumb questions. 1. What is required on a model to get the Flex Presetter to work? I assume bones, but I’m not sure. 2. Is there any tutorials you can point to for creating/porting outfits? I’m looking at working on something and want to reduce headaches as much as possible.


1. The Flex Presetter is mostly built for transferring phonemes between models. As such, you'll need a model that has the same flex names as the one you're targeting, and then you use the Flex Presetter to transfer presets between them. Such as phonemes.

2. A basic understanding of your 3d modeling programming of choice is a good place to begin. Beyond that, a basic understanding of the Source model pipeline is beneficial if your target is Source Filmmaker models. From there, you can always check out my Wednesday streams if you're still struggling with the details, but from those first two it should become fairly apparent where to go for putting together outfits.