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June 23, 2019

Aardvark, first and foremost I wanna say thank you - you undoubtedly shaped a massive part of what SFM porn is and can be today. In regards to your blog post, I'm looking forward to what you've got coming down the line, having a written plan like this definitely helps keep distant goals in your view. I also have a question - you may be the only person who could help. I was really interested in the section of this post about DazV5 and the pipeline of going to Unity, the problems with it, etc. I myself am far more comfortable animating in Autodesk Maya than anything else, and I just tried to go in this pipeline in reverse. I've been trying to take one of you models from SFM lab and drag it, kicking and screaming, into Maya where I could utilize my experience to get better renders, lighting, etc, since I'm so much more familiar with it than SFM. Heres my problem. (https://imgur.com/7DMECiW) --------- So, I start off by decompiling with Crowbar, and pulling out textures with VTF Edit. That's pretty standard from what I can tell via tutorials. Apparently the legs are properly rigged but they stick out sideways, but then the bottom portion is correct. You mentioned fixing this with sliders I believe... but I'm not sure this is a possibility. I guess I'm basically asking, is there a way of doing this? I've exhausted pretty much everything I can think of, but you'd probably know better than anyone if there's any way to do this. I am certainly content with this model and it's functionality in SFM, I just wanna use it in Maya or even Blender if possible. And for the record, I wouldn't mind seeing her remade in DazV5 someday! Thanks again, really for everything. Even if you only read this and have more important stuff to do, thank you for the free models and rigs and hell, even inspiration.


If Tumblr were alive I'd link you to the series of research posts behind why the DazV4 legs are exported spread out. Suffice it to say that it is a purely technical reason, and I do indeed use flexes ("morphs" in 3dsMax, "blend shapes" in Blender) to bring the legs back down. You should be able to do the same, provided you can find a VTA importer for Maya (VTA is the format that Valve uses for flex data, and is where the legs-down morph is stored). If you can, I recommend you go to my assets page (click the "...")  to the right of the "Archive" link on my main website here, and look if the model's raw source is available. That is much easier to work with than the imprecisely-decompiled assets.