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December 22, 2022

Any release dates you can confirm? Or is that still in the air.


I can't ever really confirm anything, since I generally release things the moment they're done. I don't like to sit on things and make people wait any more than they have to.

I described it in detail in this week's Patreon progress report, but the past few weeks have had my ADHD firing on all cylinders. I've made a shitton of character models, outfits, and progress writing various projects. See my Twitter where I announced a new on-stream video series for an example of that. Or really just my Twitter over the past few weeks.

I haven't gotten anything done on Claire/Jill in the past two weeks because of this. I am hoping to finally manage to calm the ADHD squirrels down by the end of the week though, as I finish drafting up a handful of storyboards for the new Witcher project. Been riding the high of things coming together the past 48 hours, and generally when my mood is floating so high is when I can be really forwardly productive.

I don't think it'd be much a surprise to hear that the ADHD squirrels tend to scatter when I'm demotivated, desperate to find a project that I feel confident in. Now that I've found it, they should get back in line and things continue on their forward trajectory. For now, continue to assume January 14 for Claire/Jill. We'll know more as the date draws nearer.