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January 18, 2023

Rabbit hole 4 D.va? or the part 3 is the final of this series?


I have a lot more planned, but I honestly don't know if I will continue it. Not out of a lack of interest or ideas, but out of a fear of oversaturation.

I already have a much grander (albeit shorter in episode count, only being a 6-part miniseries as opposed to Rabbit.Hole's ambiguously long-term run) Overwatch project in Overbreed. I'm not exactly comfortable with having two different Overwatch series running at the same time. I try to keep to one series per universe - Blue Star for Mass Effect, Liziverse for Elizabeth, DOAFACU for Dead or Alive, [REDACTED] for [REDACTED], Primordium for Witcher, Sherbecca for Resident Evil, Parawhores for... Parawhores, whatever the hell the apparent theme of Leliana being into bondage is for Dragon Age, etc.

So having both Rabbit.Hole and Overbreed for Overwatch would be breaking the theme. And I'm not comfortable with that.

Which isn't to say I am opposed to it outright. It's just I would need a lot of convincing from people assuring me that they wouldn't consider it too much Overwatch, that they don't think the other universes I want to work in would suffer for it.