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April 30, 2023

When downloading files directly from the auto-release page, it looks like some filenames and extensions become lower case. This has caused issues when trying to load .OL2 files (such as for Doafantasy Prototype 4) or when running scripts that reference LordAardvarkShared.py (such as the dazv5-5 rig and outfitloader3.6). Is this something you can fix in future releases, or is this something that is avoided by using the Download Manager?


I am aware of the issue. It's something I need to figure out how to resolve. Right now I've just been focused on getting the Claire/Jill project done and out the door, though. Once it's finally done I intend to spend a few days exploring various neglected projects, one of which is trying to resolve this.

The solution will most likely be for me to edit all of the various tools to assume the lower-case versions and only ship them in the future. I am not looking forward to that.