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September 16, 2023

If these downloadable assets are SFM models, why are they named "DazV#" and are incompatible with Daz Studio? It's confusing. It's the equivalent of posting a 3ds Max model but labeling it BlenderModel.MAX. Why not rename them to something like SFMV# or LordAardV#? It's something to keep in mind when releasing DazV6. I'm guessing Aardvark's answer will be something like "well it all started with a Daz Genesis 3 model..." But that doesn't make the nomenclature less confusing, ya know?


well it all started with a Daz Genesis 3 model...

No, seriously, that is it. Before the Daz bodies were the CBBE bodies, from the Skyrim CBBE body.

I name my characters after their body standards. I make it abundantly clear I did not make the bodies themselves, and give credit to the originators of the bodies.

It's only confusing if you make it confusing. The SFM Daz models are built for SFM from the Daz body. If you're putting any more thought into it than that, and consequently getting confused, that's on you.

The version number refers to the major revision. I have done 5 major revisions to the topology and rigging of the Daz Genesis 3 base. The ".5" in "DazV5.5" refers to the fact it wasn't a topology or rigging revision (meaning it doesn't break existing projects) but instead is a material revision (specifically moving all DazV5.5 models to using shared materials, reducing memory usage and increasing how many characters can be in a scene at a time).