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October 14, 2023

@LordAardvark Is the gold one piece bikini that Helena wears downloadable? I tried looking through many of your files like the megadump and can't find or did you just not release it? and do you plan to release it at some point if not? I saw it in one of the pictures you made on twitter.


If it'd be anywhere it'd be in the bikini pack I released somewhere at sometime for some version of the DOAFantasy models. I can't and won't be any more precise than that, and can't and won't guarantee they work with whatever version of Helena you're using.

The publicly-available DOAFantasy models are a fucking mess and I'd like nothing more than to go full scorched Earth and completely eradicate all traces of them from the Internet, start fresh with the still-unfinished current version. But I believe in full transparency and longevity of art history, warts and all. So I and everyone else will just have to suffer the terrible versioning and naming inconsistencies of the DOAFantasy models.