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January 27, 2024

Hello Lord Aardvark, I have downloaded your 2016 Elizabeth model (https://sfmlab.com/project/26479/) from SFMlab. As usual, I ported the materials and models folders into usermod. I also downloaded Outfit Loader V2.2, putting it into SFM's game file (if it shouldn't be placed there but somewhere else in the files, please tell me). I have run into a problem: I can't load Liz' clothes or haircuts, so she remains naked with short hair. Only her student outfit and it's variations appear as mdl files in the selection screen, and I don't know how to attach them. When I try to use the Outfit Loader I can't dress her up either as I have only found outfits for her curvy variation which seem to be incompatible with the 2016 one. If there is any kind of solution to my issue, a response would be appreciated. Also, I apologize for possibly lacking English skills, as said language isn't my first.


You need to use the correct outfits with the correct models. Either find 2016 outfits for 2016 Elizabeth, or use the most recent Elizabeth with the most recent outfits.