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August 13, 2019

Question about the the new Samus model, well I guess the Daz v5 models. When ever I’d use Samus or any of the DOA models and I’d want to use the mouth corners sliders, the ones to move it down, in or out and these black spots would appear and not if you’d move it all the way, they would show when you moved it just a little bit. They were similar to when you messed w/ the vag flexes, I think that was back at Daz v3. Is that fixed w/ the new Daz v5? Or is that something you’d have to fix because the head is separate? Would you fix it?


It is separate from DazV5, but I also recently (right at the very tail end of my model-creation freeze) discovered a simple solution for it.

Whether or not I remember to implement the solution when building new character flexes is a different story. But if I do remember, I will certainly implement it on new characters moving forward.

Trust me, the lip_corner_* black regions annoy the piss out of me, too.