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February 12, 2024

Is it normal to have to reuse the Material Overrider every session load to return the material overrides on the DazV5 Futa Prop? This also seems to happen to the faces from using the Hitman Male Customizer.


Unfortunately, it is a common issue.

For some reason, material overrides added through Python (or at least, added the way I add them) have a fair chance of just getting converted into "<null>" when saved and loaded.

It only seems to happen once per asset per session, though. Once you've reloaded a session and the material overrides reverted, I have never seen it revert again.

So if you're doing a project you expect to be bladed across multiple shots, it might be worth setting up all the material overrides, then save quit and reload the project file. If it breaks then, then it's only in the one shot, so you can fix it once and be on your way. As opposed to making multiple shots and then having to later fix each shot individually, which is a drag.