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February 23, 2024

hey aardvark hope your well. was wondering for rabbit hole ep 4 will d.va maybe be taking dick more up her ass or takeing it raw maybe even risking getting knockup


So way back when I first drafted out the series, I put together this fuck-ass huge image categorizing everything in the Fuckbuddy app, and checking off everything that DVa ends up doing (green boxes).

It's serving as a loose guideline for the individual episodes. Episode 1 just had the first element; Episode 2 had both blowjob & swallow; Episode 3 had facial, face-sitting, hotdog, flatiron, and body-cum.

General trajectory of the series is to knock down more of them per episode, spending less time on each individual sequence as a reflection of her accelerating toward becoming a cum dumpster.

The exact details of what an episode includes isn't predetermined. The whole series is being written very loosey-goosey, taking a very organic approach to it all. It's a dangerous way for me to write, but it has its advantages, too. As such, I can't promise what exactly Episode 4 would entail, other than her giving her Uber driver a thighjob (which I think I forgot to include on the board and should definitely add) and her fucking more guys in general.

Similarly, the only other thing I can really promise regarding Episode 4 is it won't have her getting knocked up, because that will be the final episode. With an epilogue of her doing a zero-pussy gangbang with a heavily-pregnant belly.