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March 30, 2024

Most of the loops videos on patreon are gone or 404 not found, but some are still working I'll go through all the way to 2015 posts and make a list and post here. I really liked your Phazon experiment A and Andromeda A new galaxy, is there a reason why it is not here in film section. I can provide video of it if you lost it.


Phazon Experiment A is in the Films list. In fact, it was the second film I made since the website went up (the first was Bounty Booty, and the Blue Star films were added retroactively). Which is to say, Phazon Experiment A is the fourth from the bottom on the Films list.

Again, the reason for all the others being missing is they were made before the latest iteration of the website was put together, in December 2016.

And I would very much appreciate the list of links. They'll help me find the original files so I can relocate them and add them to the respective pages. Loops and what-not will be moved over to the Galleries page.