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April 3, 2024

Do you plan to make the Corset and BaS outfit for the Canon Elizabeth model you released on SfmLab? Or maybe a flex for the body and outfit for the Dazv5 to give her the canon body? (I know it's a bit the opposite of the curvy idea but you are the only one doing who do models of her for SFM and there isn't any complete version of Elizabeth in her normal size and all her basic outfits, I love her flat as she's normally t-t)


Not the version as released, no. It's very old and stinky and bad and the world would be better if we all collectively forgot it exists.

If I were to make Corset and BAS outfits for Canon Elizabeth, it'd be for an entirely new and up-to-date build of her.

As to when that'd be, I can't say. However, I can say that the next episode of Liziverse would have a Canon Elizabeth built. She'd get the white-dress outfit as seen in the previous Liziverse video, but at least she'll be modern and usable. Liziverse Episode 1 used the original SFM port of her by Revzin and, boy howdy did I have to fight it to get it to do what it can do in that video. She simply wasn't built for this kind of work, which is fine.

And for the record, Liziverse Episode 2 is a contender for the short video I plan to build in May. It's also competing with, as of right now, 9 other ideas. So. Yeah.