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May 27, 2020

Hi. I really enjoy your latest FemShep Model. It´s the first Daz5 Model of yours I use in SFM. I really love it, thank you very much. :D The only thing I was wondering about is are Phonemes. She seems not to have any? Do you think there´s a chance for an update in future? I would be very grateful if you consider it. It would help me alot. Anyway again thank you very much for everything LA. Greetings.


Never got around to building the phonemes. Hopefully I will release my Phoneme tool soon, so you can take the phonemes from an existing model (any of my 2019+ models with phonemes should work, sans the Generic Males because I didn't build their faceposing myself) and then edit them to fit a specific model.

Till then, best you can do is grab the phonemes from a model whose face is similar to Femshep and use them. Sorry!