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March 24, 2019

Will there be more Fallen Throne content? I loved those two shorts you released (though your website only shows Breed Your Queen now O.o )


A bit awkward to answer. In a nutshell, yes*.

*I have decided that Fallen Throne's story would work best as a game. I've been slowly brainstorming it for a few months now, and the Animation Exporter tool that I've been working on is to facilitate building animations for it in SFM.

This is all very slow-going. I don't have much time for this prep-work on top of everything else, and when the prep-work is actually done, and I am all green lights to make progress on the game? Well, I'm going to have to have a big think on how to divvy up my time for that.

But that's all in the future for now. One thing at a time.