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June 8, 2020

Hello Lordaardvark. I can´t lie, that I really enjoy how much interessted in ME is in the last weeks votes. I hope it will go on. :D It makes me wondering about EDI, which I honestly would be interessted in very much. If I remember correctly you were interessted in her years ago aswell, but it wasn´t possible, because of her Textures. So I was wondering in general, if I would ask for EDI in the votes would that be a legit submission? Or would it be declined, because it is not possible, even if the result could be a highquality port only? Dear Greetings. :)


Jack and EDI are both in a special class of models that I would reject being put onto the Wheel of Indecision, because their texture-work is essential to their character, and it is simply beyond me. I would need to get together special accommodations, find a texture artist to work with, when it comes to building those two. And the way the Wheel of Indecision works means that isn't really feasible, unfortunately.