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June 27, 2020

Hey Aardvark! So I kind of have a suggestion about the submitted models. With what models are currently in the voting cycle, what if you were to close new submissions until all current models have been in the wheel, then open it again and have a new batch of submitted models. So basically they all have a better chance.


It's viable, but then it means that submissions will be closed for a very long time. Assuming 2 weeks per model (which generally only gets them about 90% done, but it's all I'm willing to spend on them right now), at 18 models currently up for voting, that'd be 36 weeks - or 9 months - before they've all had their chance on the wheel and voting opens up again.

And the idea of the Wheel was to having it slowly phase out the models I want done. When it wheel first began, it was all models I want done. Then with each wheel spin, the chance of me getting models I want done slowly decreases, and the chance others get models they want done slowly increases. Until eventually I have all of the models I wanted done, and all that remains are models other people want.

By closing submissions, that introduces a sort of artificial cap as to how many models can be done before all of the models I want done are made. By having the wheel be populated in perpetuity, by always keeping submissions open, then there is no theoretical upper bound. It is possible that I will only ever make models added to the wheel by voting until the end of time itself.

Very unlikely, but it is possible.