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June 27, 2020

Can you do a series similar to that of D.va but with Sombra 😍


My first reaction was to coyly refer to an 8-part miniseries that I have drafted out that involves all of the Overwatch ladies, which I don't think I've ever mentioned publicly outside of my Patreon.

My second reaction was to playfully respond with a "don't you think we should maybe finish the current series, first?"

But my third reaction, and the one I am going with, is simply this: 🤔

There might be merit in considering a miniseries of sorts that gives all of the Overwatch ladies some character depth. Goodness only knows Blizzard certainly won't ever actually treat them like characters and write them anything worth a damn.

It's something I will have to put thought into, and discuss with my circles (Discord, Patreon, and Twitter). If there's enough interest, I might throw the idea out to the wolves for a future on-stream mini-stream project. And if the interest is immense enough, I might even push Rabbit.Hole Episode 4 off the schedule for 2021 in favor of doing a "Profiles" videos for a different Overwatch lady.

I'm not making any promises, though. Pay special attention to all of the "if" and "might" in this response.