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July 12, 2020

Hi Aardvark, I read on your Twitter about the Lulu model debacle. Damn shame, I hope that you eventually recover the motivation to finish it, because the model looks great, noticeably better than the DAZv4 one. In any case, I downloaded the unfinished model, and I wanted to know if there's something in particular to be wary of when using it, like if there are any particular broken flexes or bones, or something like that. I noticed that the hair is quite broken, but it is usable with a bit of scaling in certain bones, I'm asking about the main model itself. Thanks!


Not sure what's broken about the hair. It worked fine in my testing, which admittedly wasn't exhaustive because reasons.

There's nothing broken per se, it's mostly just incomplete. There's a few questionable bits of rigging on the outfit, but nothing I'd say is a straight dealbreaker - just below the threshold of quality I try to maintain.