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July 27, 2020

What's the plan for updating the Wheel now that you made a new Marie off-stream? We might be in for an extra long voting period until the next model is needed? And if I may remind you, you should update the pending model wheel on the site too.


When it's time to spin the Wheel again, then it will be updated. The last two streams (and this Wednesday's) haven't necessitated updating the Wheel. First it had chosen to update Miranda's outfit (not a character model, ergo no Wheel update), and then it chose to build Jill's battlesuit (no character model, no Wheel update).

Until the Wheel chooses a new character model, the current vote cycle will stay live.

The system wasn't really designed around the idea of having non-character models on the Wheel. That just sort of fell out naturally by the fact that building outfits and making them bodymorph-complete just takes so much time, that I started relegating them to a separate section of the Wheel. That opened the floodgate for adding standalone outfits to the Wheel as well, and now about half of the content on the Wheel is non-character-model.

I might revisit the design and see how to refactor the voting system with the new expanded scope of the Wheel. We'll see.