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September 14, 2020

Is there a reason why Sonya is no longer on the voting list? I also swear there was someone else as well but can’t remember. Do you take some of them off?


As per the "What Is It" section on the voting page, footnote 3:

[3] The exact algorithm for culling is that any model who has been submitted for at least 3 voting cycles and received less than 50% of the winning model's votes is automatically removed from the database. This is to keep the voting system clean from clutter of models that no one other than the submitter cares about. Only the popular models that people want stay in the system, so that eventually they can all (theoretically) get a spot on the Wheel and have a fair shot at getting made.

Sonya et all failed to meet this threshold, and so were automatically removed from the system. Anyone can feel free to resubmit them at any time.