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November 1, 2020

Hi Aardvark, regarding that flex in the Corset costume that I asked you about some days algo, so that the corset could be used over the BAS and Student shirts, I was talking more about just a helper flex which scales up the corset, since rootTransform scaling, Spine scaling, etc, won't work when locking the model. So nothing like a specific custom flex that you had to retroactively maintain when adding or changing other models, just a basic scaling flex for the corset, more like a helper flex to being able to fliddle a bit with other flexes to make it possible. Combining that flex with other flexes in the corset, or in the model and the shirts, like corset_pinch and/or the breasts flexes, I'm sure it would be far easier to use the corset that way, even if it was not an "official" feature.


Why would scaling it up not work?

If you're using the latest version of Outfit Loader (v3+), and check the "use locks" option, then you absolutely can scale the bones. The "use locks" option was built explicitly to allow scaling.