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November 11, 2020

Just curious, whatever happened with everything related to RE6 sherry? i found an old post about "A Matter Of L/Trust" and it seemed quite interesting, but it seems like "LoorAarvark" + "Sherry" is a search with zero results everywhere you look so i was curious, did you decide to delete everything related to RE6 sherry or something like that? i was really hoping to find the A Matter Of L/Trust end result, but i never found it. (i hope it wasnt because of RE2 sherry and the possible implications)


It was never made.

I've wanted to make Sherry/Rebecca content for literal years. But the stars just have never aligned.

Maybe when the new DazV5 Sherry is finally made, it can happen. There is already a DazV5 Rebecca. Of course, Sherry is also causing a lot of problems in her construction, and is on the knife's edge of being thrown into the "Fucking Cursed Models" bin, which is where I put models that piss me off so much I don't want to look at them for a few months.

So we'll see if the fates will continue on their path, or if the stars will finally align in our favor.