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November 12, 2020

Wow New Blue Star! Finally! I cant wait for udpates for this project LA! Please Keep us informed. Btw since the Poster shows 3 new characters (Femshep, Tali and Aria) are they coming to the BlueStar roster in Episode 4? That´s would be great news to me. O.O


No. Tali and Aria have always been planned for Season 2 of Blue Star, and Femshep has always been the overarching macguffin that drives the plot, and will be making periodic cameo appearances, such as in Blue Star Episode 3, and the forthcoming Episode 5.

As to updates, I will make note as to when preproduction work on Blue Star Episode 4 formally begins (as a referral to the Patreon Progress Report post that houses the information on its first branch of progress), and again when the Blue Star Bible is finally polished and released (as a Patreon Misc Bin post).

The Bible is a long-time coming, and will formally document the entire plan for the series. It will have high-level abstracts of each of the 20 episodes (and three Intermissions), brief summaries of the episodes and their sex sequences, and more in-depth summaries of their narrative elements. It also has background information on the elements of the story itself, which will be recomposed and formulated into the series, with particular emphasis on the Intermissions.

On the subject of the Intermissions, I have brought this up before and will bring it up again in the Bible itself, but I'm still unsure of the nature of them. For a long time I have been leaning on making the Intermissions be comics, as opposed to videos, and I am still leaning that way. This is largely because the Intermissions are much less sex-oriented than the videos are, serving as the narrative adhesive that ties everything together. But also because the Intermissions are much less focused and much less linear than the Episodes are - where each Episode focuses on only a single character, the Intermissions can focus on upwards of 6 characters at a given moment, and span literal centuries depending on the character being observed at the time. Blue Star's lore is rather expansive in the areas of established Mass Effect lore it touches, and the amount of original material it generates to fill in the gaps.

Toward that end, I think a graphic novel approach might work best. I might even experiment with interactive media, make it a sort of "choose your own adventure" book, though I think more accurately a "graphic wiki article" (or, if you prefer, a "graphic codex") would be more accurate. A sort of hub/module based system where you can freely explore the articles presented, in any order you wish, with each article being a small self-contained story with non-linear modules available throughout. Of course, each Intermission will be specially tailored to only expose certain information, so as to avoid spoiling upcoming seasons and their reveals.

And, I suppose it is worth pointing out that, should anyone choose to explore the Blue Star Bible when it is published, they will of course be exposing themselves to major story spoilers.