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December 30, 2020

Greetings Again, A problem just arose when using jill_rehd_dazv5. SFM crashes when adusting flexs. Breasts, butt, etc. As soon as I touch the slider it crashes to source filmaker launch screen. I verified integrity of game files and it did find errors and corrected it. Tried again with the slider and crashed. Checked files integrity and it found 35 failed files and it reaquired them. Goes in circles. I tried a different session with jill in it and it worked. Something to do with this current session I guess. Any advice?


If it's working in other sessions, then my only guess is it is something wrong with that session.

Does the problem persist in fresh sessions made in fresh starts of SFM? If so, feel free to jump into my Discord and ask in #sfm-assist. You can find the link on my Patreon's about page, at the very top in big letters. Hard to miss.