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January 14, 2021

Have you tried using Pragma Filmmaker yet or produced/published anything with it? I see from one of the previous questions that you've talked some with the Pragma developer. From the few videos I've seen, it seems like it's better optimized than Source Filmmaker, and it looks like it'll have some cool features. At this point, though, it sounds like it's far from being done. Would you recommend checking out the beta, or do you think it would be better just to wait until it gets ironed out into a proper release? I ask as someone who use SFM on a more casual level.


I'm not sure where Pragma is right now in terms of usability. I am all but certain it has no native animation / posing tools yet, and last I checked, it didn't properly support IK rigs either. Both of which make it rather unwieldy.

When Pragma gets to the point that SFM sessions can be imported into it and play back correctly, then I certainly want to experiment with using it as a rendering engine. Build animations in SFM, render in Pragma.

And then when Pragma gets to feature parity with SFM, I intend to yeet SFM straight into the recycle bin.