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January 15, 2021

In Tales from the Lizverse, Elizabeth 4 (the one under the desk) is wearing a black-and-white dress/outfit. Is that outfit available for download? I didn't see it listed under any of the categories in the asset section. Is it something you didn't want to release publicly, or was it something that was only partially completed? Additionally, were there any other authors who made outfits for the Curvy body type (either the old one or the new Daz5 version)? Outside of the outfits you've made, I haven't seen any others.


That particular Elizabeth is actually not mine. It's an EXTREMELY old port of the raw Elizabeth models (not lewd) by Revzin. Can probably find it on the Workshop.

I'm sure there are other authors who have made Curvy outfits, but I don't know of any. So far as I can tell, I seem to be the only person who really supports them. Which is just as well, since they are my models.