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April 18, 2019

Hello LordAardvark. I´ve got 3 question about your Blue Star series. Just out of curiosity ... Which ME characters are you thinking of / would you like (if it would be technical possible) to add to your Character roster? I only know about Tali and Aria (I believe?). Do you think male ME characters could have an appearance as well in a far far away future? And are you thinking about give old characters like Jack and Liara a new Look? Liara with ME1-Labsuit or bald Jack or something on their next daz update? Anyway dear greetings! :)



  1. Jack, Liara, Tali, and Aria are the only four planned for the series, with cameo appearances of Femshep throughout. Their roles and contributions to the story are locked, and the story itself is pretty rigid to the point it'd require a bit of work to try to fit new characters in, without making them be fluff additions.
  2. See the above statement, I don't have any plans for any other characters from the games to make an appearance.
  3. Liara will get a new outfit at the end of Blue Star Episode 5. I have also revised Jack's design to be a bit more muscular than she was previously. Beyond that, no changes are planned for their appearances, be it throughout the series or their models as a whole.

Great questions! Thanks for asking!