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March 29, 2021

So i reinstalled SFM recently and got to downloading the models i used, however i noticed with some of your outfit models that use heels, they aren't treated as heels, but are instead treated as standard shoes, causing the heel to be placed flat on the ground, causing the heel tip to be clipped under the ground, Though this didn't happen before the reinstall. What is needed to fix this? The issue i'm talking about is the one that appears in some the preview images of the curvy outfits with heels (https://lordaardvark.com/html/assets.html?cat=Outfits&sect=Curvy), such as the Fetish and Stripper outfits. The models i am using are Excella, Femshep, and Miranda, which are all DaZ V5.


It absolutely happened before the install. This is by design. There "fix" is to pose the feet yourself, after loading the IK rig.

Older models would have their outfits added as bodygroups, and their feet would be posed appropriately for the heels to be correct. But this causes problems with how the IK rigs work - they determine the direction that the knees should bend ("backward", ideally), by refersing the angle between the ankle and the toe.

If the foot is flat, then the toes are directly in front of the ankle - and so the reverse is "backward", the way the knees should bend. But if the foot is angled down, then toes are "forward and below" the ankle, which means that the knees will bend "backward and up". Which is not right. And if the foot angle is too steep, then the knees would sometimes even bend sideways! Ouch!

So no. Either you used very old models, or you misremember. There is nothing to fix. There is nothing wrong. Everything is working exactly as intended.