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May 26, 2021

How long does it take to animated a scene like for 2 Minutes or 30 Minutes?


There's a lot of variables, but the widest-ranging answer is "a while", with the production time scaling with run time.

If I didn't have any external contributors working on a project, so no editors or voice actors, I could probably get a 2-minute project done in 2 weeks. It wouldn't be any good because it has no voice acting and it was put together with my mediocre editing skills, but it could be done.

External contributors add delays with necessity. As a personal rule, I give contributors at least 7 days to fulfill a request. I usually do voice acting in two passes, one for non-sex dialogue and one for sex dubbing, which tacks 2 weeks onto production without a single minute spent animating. Similarly I give my editor at least 7 days, which adds a 3rd week onto production. So already we're approaching a month of wait time without me even opening SFM.

These delays are predominantly overhead and they scale sublinearly, which is to say that if I wait 7 days for 1 minute of audio, it doesn't mean  I wait 14 days for 2 minutes of audio - it takes the same 7 days for 2 minutes of audio as it does 1 minute.

Obviously there is some scaling - it'd be unreasonable of me to expect 192 hours of audio in 7 days (168 hours) - but it is a far gentler slope than 1:1.

This peculiarity hamstrings my efforts to make quick projects. Perfect example being this 4-minute Mass Effect project. I've gotten about 80% of the animation done in less than 2 weeks of production, but I haven't even gotten all of the audio back for it, since it took me about a week to get the sex animations done to a point where I was confident enough in the project to hire voice talent for it. It's looking like it'll probably end up taking 4 weeks total minimum to be ready for release.