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June 5, 2021

Hey Aardvark, I recently downloaded your latest versions of Elizabeth and your Outfit Loader; DaZ5 and 3.4. However I ran into a problem. When using outfit loader and scaling on Elizabeth without a rig everything works fine until you try adding the DaZ5 rig. It works fine without scaling and such, but it doesn't matter if you add it before using outfit loader or vice versa it breaks. Specifically it breaks Elizabeth's hair model and breasts as far as I've seen. Am I missing something, has this already been addressed, or is there a method to fix it? I've looked around for a mention of it and so far haven't seen one.


Hair and breasts? Probably breaks the ass too, then.

The reason for this is that jigglebones ignore scale. If you're going to rescale a model with jigglebones, then you have to bake the model's procedural bones before scaling them. So that means baking Elizabeth (breasts and ass jigglebones) and baking her hair (hair jigglebones).

This is actually why, for the DazV5 DOAFantasy characters, I have two separately-compiled versions of each character, and their hair: one with the single unified height, and one with their canon height. By having the models compiled to these scales, procedural bones don't have to be baked in SFM. But obviously you're not able to (conveniently) compile Elizabeth to arbitrary scales, so you have to make do in SFM and bake procedurals.

I wish jigglebones would take on scale, but alas. This is the world we live in.