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September 22, 2021

Ah, I see, minor misunderstanding there. In that case I should be asking if the bottom half of the breast on the Daz 5 clipping though the outfits when they are loaded with the rig loader script is a known issue and what the fix would be as nothing I have tried seems to work.


I really need to put together a "WAIT! BEFORE YOU ASK YOUR QUESTION, IS IT ONE OF THESE?" prompt on the AMA. I have answered this at least a dozen times now:

Spawn the character model; right-click the character model, go to Utilities -> Bake Procedural Bones; attach the outfit; apply the IK to the character; pose / animate the character. This will stop the breasts/butt clipping through the outfit, but it will also stop the model from jiggling at all. See the next step to re-enable the jiggle.

Once you are 100% done animating and will never touch the motion again, Utilities -> Enable Procedural Bones on the character model; restart SFM (the next step is touchy and has a tendency to fail if SFM has been used, best to do it as the very first thing on a fresh load-up of SFM); Utilities -> Bake Procedural Bones again on character model. This will bake the jiggle motion onto the character, so it transfers to the outfit.