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November 3, 2021

Hi, the Anna model’s eyes are a little wonky! For example, when I move her eyes down, her left pupil goes down further than the right. The same is true for up, left, and right! Is there a way to fix it, or will I have to wait for a new version of her (and possibly Elsa) to be released?


Oh yeah, sure as shit. That's interesting.

Well, this actually works out for the best! I recently discovered an alternative way to control the range of eye movement, which is theoretically much superior to the old method I've been using. I haven't had a chance to properly test it out yet. But I can test it on the Frozen ladies!

This is a model issue that I need to fix, so you will need to wait for me to push an update. But! I will start tomorrow's stream with hot-fixing the ladies' eyes and pushing an update, utilizing this new method and comparing it to the current solution.

So, within 24 hours, the fixed versions should be up.

Thanks to everyone for bringing this to my attention!