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November 23, 2021

Hey! Im new at these kind of stuff and maybe this is a stupid question, but i have to know: Its "Fallen Throne" an actual real game? or its just part of the short films you make. I tried to find information about it, but no clue... I hope i make myself clear, english its not my language. Thank you for your work and It has been a pleasure knowing of you.


Fallen Throne is an original IP I am writing. The goal is for it to eventually be multimedia, with games, films, web series, comics, and novelizations.

As it is right now though, there is nothing publicly available for the current iteration. There are some older animations and models I have made, as well as an old and abandoned Wiki, but none of that is explicitly canon to the current, live build of Fallen Throne.

One of these years I will put out an updated codex for Fallen Throne. But not any time soon.