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January 6, 2022

What a surprise you had spinned the wheel twice yesterday! And even bigger that it choose liara! Thats why i want you to remember about my older question about including glyph to liara. Please help us with a good quality drone model for annoying liara while she´s busy with anything ... something ... i dont know. I just really love that little drone XD And also i´ve got a thought about the textures you were talking about on stream. Wolves makes not a casual asari skin, like i thought it was the plan, but a specific one for Liara, right? This is very ambitious and just wow if everythings going the way you want it. But what is about the other asari on the wheel? I mean samara and anywhere in a far far away future i think you wanted aria for your blue star project yourself? Did you discussed them with wolves? Are they getting unique skins themselves? I mean it sounds like a lot of fun, but also a lot of work and time. Thats why i was very much surprised to hear that on stream about liaras skin.


Ah yes. I will have to look into finding Glyph's model. I can only imagine what his internal model would be called... I looked it up, and it seems someone already ported him to XNALara - and even included his bowtie! I'll have to double-check to see how he looks in-game, but I think that'll be a solid base.

As to the Asari skins, the goal is that the texture he builds for Liara will be (relatively) easily translated to any other Asari, be them specific Asari like Benezia and Samara, or generic Asari. Of course, whether or not that actually ends up being the case remains to be seen...