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January 9, 2022

Hello L.A. Just checked the surprising stream on saturday. I have not the time of 6 hours to watch it whole, but i did looked a little bit into it and saw that jill had red cheeks O.O This is something new to me. Does the Jill model, that you had used, have such a skin group? is this a new thing for new releases? I think other characters you made do not have such a skin group or am I wrong on this on? Its actually a nice thing to have. Will you update other models with that feature?


It is a feature that was first built into Zelda, using wrinklemaps to add a "blush" slider. We modified Jill expressly for the stream project to have it as well, since the story that our guest director Javi is telling has Jill as a shy, insecure futa. Blushing when she's embarrassed fits the tone of the piece.

Frankly I totally forgot that wasn't released to the public. I will look into doing that tomorrow.

As to whether other models will have it, honestly I'm not sure. Tamaki has it, too. It really doesn't take much effort to build, so... I mean, I guess why not, right?