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January 9, 2022

Happy New Year, LordAardvark. This is not a question, simple say, your update Frozen ladies this is true new year's gift. They are wonderful, canon morphs and canon dresses are very nice. Waiting finished version with finished outfits. Pity other princesses your universe can't to join them... Good luck, creative success and new ideas.


Well, I mean, nothing is technically stopping you from pairing them with Elizabeth, Sheva, and Lulu. Art style clash is a fuck, but that means nothing to anyone determined enough.

And thank you for the kind words. I have no idea how long finishing the outfits will take. Frankly, Elsa is on my shitlist for how terribly her canon outfit's bodygroups went. And Anna's been on my shitlist since day one, where just her headhack was a nightmare - to say nothing of building her faceposing.

To say I am reticent to work on them is an understatement. If I can come up with a compelling project with them, that'd certainly help. Easiest way to motivate me to get something done is to need it for an imminent project. Unfortunately, my projects are full up right now. Maybe once Overbreed Episode 1 is done, though, before I tackle Blue Star Episode 4.