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Animation Exporter Progress


So as you all may or may not be aware, I have been low-key working on a SFM -> 3dsMax pipeline for a few months now. In particular a tool for building animations in SFM and exporting them out to 3dsMax. Today, I finally made a breakthrough that's worthy of being shown publicly.

The goal of this exporter is to speed up the process of building games in 3d engines, like Unity or Godot. This is the logical conclusion of my Flash games of yore, between the fact that Flash is dead (long live Flash) and that FMV is inherently limited when it comes to nuances of variation, which is something I think games have a distinct advantage over in comparison to linear media like films or posters. Indeed, some months ago I made a test Flash animation with a respectable amount of nuance, but it literally crashed Flash when attempting to play it, because all of the FMV was too big for it.

could learn to animate in other tools, but honestly, why would I? If I have an animation tool that already does everything I need it to do, and that I am intimately familiar with (and for which I have a plethora of tools I have hand-crafted to further assist my animating), why not use it?


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