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State of Affairs, 2022 Edition: "Where is X?! It's Been Y Years!!!"

Well, everyone, it's a new year. Let's talk about what it has in store.

First things first, I'm just going to address the questions I've been getting the most, which aren't related to specific projects. Don't worry, we'll get to them later. This is a big post.

Section I: General Question and Overly-Wordy Answer


Where is X?! It's been Y years!!

You genuinely think I don't know that? Trust me, I'm acutely aware of how long some projects have been sitting awaiting continuation. I'm the one whose writing them and then stuffing them into boxes to wait their turn.

I couldn't motivate myself without my Twitter fans, I couldn't support myself with my Patrons, and I couldn't bring these projects together without my cabal of writers, editors, subtitlers, and sound designers, and of course my projects would be nothing without the stellar performances of the voice talent I bring into the fold.

But, at the end of the heart of it all, I am a one-person operation. Even with my writer's room, I still do the bulk of the writing, both the high-level storycrafting and the low-level line-by-line dialogue. I do all of the model work, all of the simple texture work, all of the scene-building, all of the lighting, all of the directing, and all of the most time-consuming feature of these productions: the animating. If it moves on your screen, be that a character's body, a character's lips, a character's eyes, and even the camera itself, then I did that by myself.

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