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What's Going On With Overbreed? Why Are You Working On Claire/Jill Now?! Let's Talk Schedules.

Hey all.

I've had a few people ask what's going on with Overbreed and Blue Star and why I'm focusing on Claire/Jill and all, and you know what? Those are totally valid questions.

Let's take a some time to discuss schedules, and what happens when you smash them together. I've highlighted the chapters, so you can skip around to the parts you care about.

If all you care about is the answer to the question in the title, though, allow me to save you some time:

Claire/Jill, then (Frozen then Overbreed) or (Overbreed then Frozen), then Blue Star.

But I feel like the context helps ground just how big of a decision this change in my schedule is, given how long I had already spent on Overbreed and how hyped I am for it (and how much I've shared my hype to everyone else). And explain that weird "A or B" in the middle.

So if you want to know why that is my schedule, read on. And get a drink. You'll be here a while.

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